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A is for Almost Anywhere

The professionals at Mobile Aardvark Drill Inc.® have experience with geotechnical and environmental drilling in challenging locations all over the world. Let us put that expertise to work for you. We're up for the challenge of finding ways to access your toughest sites, almost anywhere. 

Horizontal Drilling and Slope Stabilization

Mobile Aardvark Drill Inc.® is pleased to assist you with your geotechnical needs on construction, tunnel, and slope stabilization projects. We can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in clean-up or repair costs due to slope failure.

The Aardvark drill is specially-designed for horizontal drilling and slope stabilization using de-watering techniques which allows for the installation of horizontal drains even where high hydrostatic pressure is present in unconsolidated soil formations. 

Your Partner from Project Start to Finish

Our knowledgable staff look forward to assisting you with your project, from the planning phase through completion. Please call  or email to see how Mobile Aardvark Drill Inc.® can make your project a success. 

Minimal Environmental Impact & Cost Effective

Aardvark uses clean water instead of drilling mud, which allows it to be used to relieve water pressure, while causing minimal environmental damage, and is a cost-effective and proven method for a wide range of applications. 

The drill can achieve a wide range of angles, making it ideal for construction and tunneling projects

Note: Aardvark drilling projects are best done before freeze-up.
If you’re considering an Aardvark project, call us for more information.

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